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Do something good for the game, by making someone else do something good for the game. Challenge a friend to a #fanshake.

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What's a fanshake?

What’s a #fanshake?

Simple. A #fanshake is a cast-iron agreement between rival footy fans. You back your team against a mate’s team and pledge to do something good for the game. Too easy! Unless your team loses that is - then your mate will have double the bragging rights… and you’ll be making good on your promise.

So, how do I do it?

Step 1

Pick a match and
back your team.


Step 2

Make a pledge.

Make a pledge that’ll help the game in some way – it could be as simple as helping out at a local club or cleaning your mate’s muddy footy boots.


Step 3

Challenge a friend by tagging
them on Facebook or Twitter.


Step 4

After the match, whoever
loses fulfils the pledge.

Make sure you capture it with a pic or video. Remember everyone’s a spectator!


Step 5

Share it using

OK, got it

Featured pledge

The Sausage Sizzler

When the siren sounds, when the crowds have gone, who will be left to strap on the apron and tong it up for the good of the game? It could be feeding the footy club, your rowdy mates at half time or perhaps a hungry group of Auskickers. Get your snags and condiments ready. Do not lose this one. The sausage sizzle just heated up.

Make a Fanshake
Featured pledge

The Oval Mow

To the victor go the spoils. To the defeated go the gardening gloves. There’s an oval somewhere in need of a mow… by hand, with scissors or aboard a ride-on. It could be your local oval or just a handball-sized backyard. If backing your team backfires you’ll be bringing the mower and working up a sweat.

Make a Fanshake
Featured pledge

The Rival Guernsey

If you win, you'll be covered in glory. If you don't, you’ll be covered in the other teams colours. That's right, if your team doesn’t get up, you'll have to wear their Guernsey. And not just for a moment. You'll have to sport it for an entire day. And people thought picking up the wooden spoon was tough.

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Featured pledge

The Boot Buffer

Chewy on ya boot! You'd better hope it's not your side that can't kick straight, or you could end up cleaning your mate's dirty footy boots. Or perhaps it’s the boots of an entire local footy club. On the other hand, if you're feeling confident, then your boots might end up shining like a Gold Coast Captain’s noggin.

Make a Fanshake
Featured pledge

The Profile Pretender

People will LOL when they see you've replaced your social media profile pic with a rival team's colours. It could be with face paint, their team’s flag or a selfie with their mascot… Whatever it is, your profile switch will certainly raise a few #eyebrows.

Make a Fanshake
Featured pledge

Create Your Own

Go on, use your imagination and create your own #fanshake pledge. Perhaps the defeated Fanshaker will have to sing the winning team's song on the bus. Maybe they’ll be handing out membership forms for the other team’s club. Or perhaps they'll be stepping in to umpire at your local oval, dressed like a 1980's ump. Whatever it is, make it fun, make it good for the game, but most of all… make it now.

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Upcoming matches

It’s time to back your team and work out what you’re willing to put on the line., This week’s matches are ready. Challenge a rival to a #fanshake now.

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